" ancient Greek word signifying the achievement of a steady progress towards an objective through careful planning & the intelligent use of resources"

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'August, 2020

Concept of living income face issues linked to time-based changes such as inflation.

The fundamental cause is monetary policy. Until changes are introduced to policy objectives and instruments, it will be struggle to maintain the logic of living incomes or to deliver them in practice, in low income countries.

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1  SEEL has over 30 years experience in applying Systems Engineering Economics. This is a method of identifying solutions to any problems based on the construction of decision analysis models to analyse solution options based on quantitative simulation, sensitivity analyses and optimization techniques according to criteria of quality of information management, resource costs, unit costs, margins, effectiveness, efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

2  SEEL staff and associates have in excess of 50 years experience in the design, management and evaluation of development projects for such organizations as FAO, World Bank, European Commission, DfID, ICO, CBD amongst others and corporations such as Interbras, Cobec, Intercomex, Unilever, Mars, Express and Aquion.

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